This is what sets us apart. 

This is what sets us apart. 

We’ve just launched a brand new campaign for LV=.

The brief was simple. And big too. Come up with an idea that could work right across the company that would demonstrate their unique approach to customer service and product development. And that approach is one rooted in an empathy and understanding of their customers. That they have their customers’ best interests at heart.

For LV= insurance isn’t just a matter of looking after bits of steel and wheels and bricks and mortar, but actually making sure that you can carry on confidently with your life knowing that everything will be okay. It’s simple things like LV= believing it’s better to get you back on the road and so paying out on 98% of car insurance claims, and quickly too, or giving you your own personal claims handler to make the process as simple as possible with any home insurance claim.

LV= also had some absolutely killer stats to back it all up too. Like being the highest rated insurer in the prestigious UKCSI customer service survey.

The LV= difference is something that runs through every part of their brand. And having just been through a process of developing a new brand architecture and identity for them, we were keen to bring it all to life in a new way.




Jon Mansley, Sales and Marketing Director at LV= GI said: “We’re different to other insurers and when we say, ‘It’s Our Heart That Sets Us Apart’, we truly mean it. We care about our customers and we recognise that without them we wouldn’t even exist which is why our people work tirelessly to always put our customers first and do the right thing for them. At the end of the day, it’s our job to ensure we help them protect what they care most about in life and give them peace of mind that, should the worst happen, we’re there to support them.

A simple, memorable thought that could be consistently delivered right across the media layout, across customer coms and resonate and motivate their staff too.

The campaign has a strong media presence. And one with a big digital focus. Potential customers will be targeted with  digitally optimised banners and LV= will have a strong presence socially with films appearing on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. There was also a big TV push with the campaign being launched on Sunday February 9th during Dancing On Ice with a Multi Car ad. Ads for other insurance products will launch later in the year as part of the campaign.

Directed by Bugsy Steel the new campaign gives a new look and feel to the LV= world with  specially made sets moving and revolving around actors and cars, creating unique and surreal scenarios. The track ‘Have Love Will Travel’ has been given a bit of a remix and refresh to fit with the new brand look. Distinct as ever, it’ll make heads pop up as part of the radio campaign too.

Miriam Boote, our Client Services Director explains, “At the heart of the success of the LV= brand are their people who deliver consistently best in class customer service to their ever-growing base of customers. We have always championed this talent in our campaigns and now we have an impressive array of  accolades, including the number one spot in the Customer Service Index in the UK (UKCSI) for Financial services. This huge launch campaign highlights this excellence and just why it’s LV=’s (green) heart which sets them apart, in a campaign which dramatises care, warmth and ease.”


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