Desig Isolation Discs

Desig Isolation Discs

Take some time out and listen to our new series Desig Isolation Discs. Our founder, Adam Hill, interviews people from travel, insurance, marketing and music industries to discover which three songs are helping them get through isolation.

DesigIsolation Discs, Series 1, Episode 8. Dedi Madden, Zero7.

This may well be the  final DesigIsolation Disc. This week, I’m talking to singer, songwriter and guitarist Dedi Madden. The series started with Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s Eggsy and has possibly ended here with Dedi who has has worked with Zero 7, Sia, Tricky. (Coincidentally his latest solo album is called The Final Man.)  

Or maybe it hasn’t finished. Maybe it will continue.  I’ve loved doing it and I have loved the comments from everyone involved – listeners and contributors.

Thanks also to Adam Hignell for helping put it all together.


This week’s visitor to the island is Dedi Madden.  As a session musician he has played on countless people’s records.  As a songwriter Dedi has written hundreds of songs and also offers himself as a songwriting coach.

And as a guitarist and singer, Dedi has worked with Zero 7, Sia, Tricky, Roger Waters, Bob Geldof and many more besides. With Zero7, for their first three albums, Dedi played, co-wrote and toured with them, including their sell-out show at the Hollywood Bowl, playing on Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel and headlining the Dance Tent at Glastonbury.

Dedi lives in Brighton and has spent lockdown preparing his next two albums.

DesigIsolation Discs, Series 1, Episode 7. Lorraine Barnes-Burton, British Travel  Awards.

Lorraine is today’s visitor to the isolation island. Born in Southampton, she left at 16 to seek her fame and fortune and move to London. Starting work at the BBC, she left to set up Beaches Events. Work at Travel Trade Gazette, the Evening Standard and as a travel consultant followed before she set up the British Travel Awards, turning them into the biggest consumer facing awards in the country.

Happily married with three sons and two cockerpoos, she lives in London and is currently splitting her time between organising massive lockdown quizzes for extended family and setting up a BTA online auction with holiday lots which will help NHS charities.




DesigIsolation Discs, Series 1, Episode 6. Nigel McShine-Jones, Star Tourism Consultancy.

Nigel is our latest visitor to the isolation island with Adam. Born within the sound of the twin towers of Wembley Stadium, Nigel has travel in his blood having spent four years growing up in Trinidad and Tobago. He started in the industry in 1984, spending 12 years with Delta Airlines, 17 in the theme park and attractions sector and six in destination marketing. He’s now the owner of Star Tourism Consultancy.

After 30 years living in Ealing, he recently made the move to Worcester and is a big fan of ’80s music.


DesigIsolation Discs, Series 1, Episode 5. Nick Wrightman, Discerning Collection.

Nick Wrightman is Adam’s guest this week on our isolation island. With a career that started by joining Thomson Holidays as a trainee to running Mosaic Holidays and setting up and running First Resort, Tapestry and Discerning Collection as well as founding the Alternative Travel Awards, Nick is something of an industry legend.

A fan of rugby and cricket, he lives in Ascot with wife and business partner, Viv.



DesigIsolation Discs, Series 1, Episode 4. Graham McKenzie, TravelMole.

Graham McKenzie is this week’s guest on DesigIsolation Discs. Graham is the founder and force behind TravelMole – one of the industry’s leading news sources. He was born in Frimley, but grew up in, and has been a resident of Sussex most of his life. With a career that has included working in a factory, travel systems IT development, and setting up TravelMole, he is as well connected as he is well known.

Graham has two children and two grandchildren, loves sport and claims to enjoy playing a few rounds with Adam at the Dyke Golf Club near Brighton.

The banter begins here.


Desig Isolation Discs Series 1, Episode 3. Dean Harvey. Kuoni

Dean Harvey is the Marketing Director of Kuoni Travel. Previously he was working with us at Designate as Digital Development Director. He has an extensive background in the travel industry having worked in it since leaving school. He lives on the South Coast with his wife, two kids, dog and more musical instruments than you can shake a stick at.

Desig Isolation Discs Series 1, Episode 2. Dan Robb, Audley Travel

Dan Robb is the Chief Marketing Officer at one of our clients Audley Travel. His career has included a ten year stint at Google focussed on building teams in the travel industry, working at TUI at Group Digital Marketing Director, and at as CMO before starting at Audley in May last year.

He met his wife Nishma, who he says is way more talented and successful than him at Teletext Holidays, and they have 11 year old twins and live in Pinner. He claims not to have any hobbies or interests but really does like a good Old Fashioned cocktail.

Listen to him chatting to Adam about travel, the world we’re in and music here…


Desig Isolation Discs Series 1, Episode 1. Eggsy Goldie Lookin Chain

John Rutledge is better known as Eggsy, rapper and part of legendary Welsh hip hop act Goldie Lookin’ Chain. The GLC are famous for classic tracks like Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do, Your Missus Is A Nutter and Your Mother’s Got a Penis. Their most recent album, Fear of a Welsh Planet came out last year. Goldie Lookin’ Chain recently released the single Self Isolation Rap – a response to the Covid-19 crisis.

Goldie Lookin’ Chain have been known to perform live shows wearing Designate branded baseball hats, because they’re nice like that.

Hear him talking to Adam about his Isolation discs, the world and Wales here…


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