Last week we ventured down to Fletching woods to host our (now) annual client hospitality clay pigeon shooting competition. With the forecast set to ‘doom’ it was with some trepidation our shooting party arrived from all over the UK dressed in their very finest country apparel. Northall Clay Pigeon shoot, which incidentally coached our very own Commonwealth champion Charlotte Kerwood proved a cracking venue for our four teams of five guns who battled it out over five separate

Well we’re over the moon and super-chuffed after hearing the news yesterday that not only have we been shortlisted for one award but two!  #iTrekHere has also been nominated for a prestigious Drum Content Award for Best Travel/Leisure/Sports Content Strategy. The Content Awards are new for 2015, looking to recognise excellence and innovation and honour the best in modern marketing. The #iTrekHere campaign has been recognised for creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and entertaining content to

Good news time again! We’re proud to have been shortlisted in this year’s Social Buzz Awards (Best Travel/Leisure/Sports Social Media), for our recent work with TrekAmerica on the #iTrekHere project. TrekAmerica is an award-winning small groups tour company, showing groups of travellers the USA, Canada, Alaska and Central America. Our brief was to produce a new and innovative campaign, using social influencers and TrekAmerica customers to build excitement around their product, whilst reaching a new audience

It's not all fun at Designate. Sometimes we feel the need to feel the full range of human emotions - sadness, mundanity, boredom. So when Banksy opened his Dismaland experience in the genuinely depressing seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, we were first in the queue to go. Well not really first, but kind of in the middle. You get the idea… So hiring a minibus and purchasing several tonnes of bad snack foods, we set off from

So Jayne Peirce called us up one day, and said: “I need a video. I am fighting in a competitive online space and I need to get my personality and point of difference across. And this will help my search rankings too.” And she was and is absolutely right. But we took the opportunity to ask some searching questions about her company’s personality, point of difference and overall proposition, and it turns out she had a

As you may know, we've done quite a bit of work for Chestnut Tree House. They're a fantastic Sussex-based charity who look after children with life-limiting illnesses. We've created a new website for them that's arriving soon and helped them promote their Big HeART Auction fundraiser. But now comes our biggest task yet. Every year, they run the Chestnut Tree 100 – a tough hilly 103km bike ride across the lumpy bit of Sussex. And this year

On 31st July we hosted our 7th free seminar at Electric Cinema in Shoreditch offering the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable speakers. It was possibly one of our best Future Sessions yet; certainly the best attended with many people having to make do with sitting in the aisles. As a follow on to our session on the importance of investing in your brand, the latest focussed on just how to broadcast your brand. With speakers from

I was recently gifted one of my many must-reads-but-somehow-never have-dones: Robert Persig's seminal Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. This chunk of 70s popular philosophy is such a cornerstone of modern culture I probably don't need to tell you it's good. That might be like telling you Elton John is a popular singer/songwriter or vitamin C helps prevent colds. One particular passage in it really caught my attention, where The Narrator talks about his shared

Remember the 80s, 90s, 00s? In a short amount of time a lot has changed in the world of travel. And it’s not just a shift from flannel shorts and heart-shaped sunnies, so has the way we share our stories. #whatsapostcard? Can you even remember the last time a pixelated palm tree with rainbow writing and a handwritten note on the reverse landed on your doormat? Package holidays, city breaks and backpacking – how we find them,