Shoreditch Thursday 12.00 GMT Steve Endacott was spotted in Shoreditch on Thursday afternoon at the incredibly hipster Electric Cinema talking about brand. Yes, our very own Travel Industry stalwart has admitted that maybe he was wrong. Just the once mind, but maybe, just maybe he was wrong. Or maybe it’s just the case that the times they are a-changing. Following a quick skinny latte to fire him up and get him in the mood for his 20 minute

Miriam Boote – Group Account Director, Designate Now it’s the turn of our very own Miriam in the final of our spotlight series on speakers at our upcoming Future Sessions seminar in London this Thursday. Miriam has over a decade of experience in advertising and communications and now heads up the Account Handling team at Designate, overseeing the strategic and creative output of the Agency's work. A huge advocate of the power of brand and the impact a

Ruairidh Roberts – Travel Industry Head, Google Working for one of the biggest brands on planet Earth we are very excited to present Ru from Google. In the penultimate post in the run up to our Future Sessions seminar in London on 30th April, we will let you know a bit more about RU, Travel Industry Head at Google. Having spent ten years in various roles at the New York Times, he joined Google in 2011 where he

Steve Dunne – Executive Chairman, Brighter PR This, the second of four posts in the run up to our Future Sessions seminar in London on 30th April, we will shine the spotlight on Steve Dunn, Executive Chairman, Brighter PR. Steve Dunne is a marketer with over twenty five years experience of promoting brands within and outside of the travel sector. He is a former head of corporate communications for British Telecom, HSBC and globally, South African Airways. He

In September 2014 on a dark and cold evening after devouring a 15” Domino’s Pizza/whole packet of Hob Nobs the guilt set in and I started to google phrases such as ‘how long do you need to train for a marathon’ ‘slowest marathon times’ etc. Then I did something I often do which is sign up for a sporting event online. In the past I’ve signed up to everything from ‘The London to Brighton bike

In the first of four posts in the run up to our Future Sessions seminar in London on 30th April, we will shine the spotlight on each of our speakers. Up first is Steve Endacott – Non-Exec Chairman, Teletext Holidays. Steve has the unusual distinction of having extensive experience within both the corporate and entrepreneurial environments. After the collapse of Steve’s On Holiday Group business, triggered by a £4.5m VAT dispute with HMRC, he has spent more time

We like to stay close to the Travel Industry here at Designate and the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, then join them’ springs to mind. Whilst we have many fitness fanatics around the office, runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathlonists - we can count the number of golfers on one finger. One. Me. On Monday, 9th March, TigerBay's Business Development Manager, Neil Morgan, Bill Maxwell, and also Jeff Orton, Company Secretary at UK General Insurance Group and myself attended

Instagram is my favourite social network. There. I said it. After initially giving it short shrift (from years of shooting on film I HAY-HAY-HATED retro-filters) I caved, accepted then embraced the 'nice network' after Twitter became Troller and Facebook became, well, Facebook. So it's with knitted brow that Instagram are introducing a new ad model which will allow brands to post carousel-style ad stories on the timeline with links to web content browse-able within the

It’s all about that BRAND Free marketing seminar - top industry speakers Thursday 30th April 12-2pm - Electric Cinema, Shoreditch, London Book your ticket here Speakers: Steve Dunne – Executive Chairman, Brighter PR Ruairidh Roberts – Head of Travel, Google UK Steve Endacott - Chairman, Teletext Holidays Miriam Boote - Group Account Director, Designate It’s not the first time you’ll hear us talk about Brand here at Designate, or the last. The more dynamic a marketplace, the more important brands are, to both their