A few months ago I was ambling back to work after my lunch break and stopped outside the Brighton Dome to see great swarms of 16 year old girls milling around outside. This is a regular occurrence in Brighton, and usually means that an X-Factor runner up or the latest boyband are playing. I stopped to see what all the fuss was about, (and also just to make sure it wasn’t actually One Direction). I

Following a 5-way pitch we are delighted to be working with News (UK) and The Sun Holidays. In fact it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind and the work is already live! You can take a look here So let’s rewind a little. At the back end of 2014 we received the brief; to create a new and exciting travel product platform direct from The Sun. For years The Sun has promoted £9.50 holidays and is

Cool and aspirational, I love the cinematography of the TV ad for the the blue-bottled drink that David Beckham is currently promoting (and involved in). Sadly, I had to look up its name because I had no recollection of what it actually was. The only memory I had was that David Beckham was in the ad, and the only connection I could make to remember the drink was the blue bottle, feeling sick and Victoria