You might have noticed a few programmes recently about the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landings. Just the one or two. So what the world really needs now is another blog about it. Especially one about lessons that can be learnt for creative agencies. But I also work for an agency that likes to work with ambitious people on ambitious projects and what was the moon landing if not that? I'm a bit of a space geek despite being totally

Do you want a job at a creative agency? How the hell do I do that? Two very good questions to which there's no right answer to either. But where do you start? Well, being passionate, energetic, willing and talented are pretty good. But having the ability to sell yourself is also pretty important. It's the hardest brand you'll ever have to sell (you know all the limitations and weaknesses as well as the strong points,

Around 20 years ago I sat in a large over-lit office that smelt slightly of cheese. The hum of the strip lights made me feel slightly out of sorts. This was the Headquarters of Isle of Wight Tourism. Downstairs had an awful dancing musical fountain display where pensioners arrived by coach to pay a tenner to watch. Upstairs, in what used to be a gym, was the tourism office’s massive meeting room. They never could shift

Brighton loves music. We love our music. It's not just part of our social lives, it's part of working lives too. We've made Have Love Will Travel one of the country's best known ad soundtracks with our work with LV=, worked with Phil Hartnoll from Orbital on original compositions, and made Happy Talk by Ella Fitzgerald talked about again in our last Kuoni ad. We know our stuff, basically. You'll find us at gigs, concerts, festivals,

Adam and I spent an interesting and at times challenging day last week in the company of fellow strategists and marketers from across the world at The Future of Customer Experience conference.  Brands as diverse as Heineken and Circe du Soleil were at the event, hosted by Trendwatching, atop the appropriately named A’DAM Tower. Here’s what we took from the day. Necessity, it’s often said, is the mother of invention. But that’s not the whole story. Firstly, Necessity can

We've got some news to share. And we're very excited by it. We're now working together in partnership with OneFamily. They're an ambitious, modern family financial services company that is owned and run for their customers. What's more, they're based right here in Brighton and share a lot of our values and beliefs. A perfect fit for us in other words. We recently won the competitive creative pitch for their business and our work has just started to go live. OneFamily are

There's a great marketing aphorism about two ice cream sellers dividing up how they sell their wares to a beach. How to get 50% each. They could build their stalls next to each other and one gets the share of the left hand side of the beach and one goes to the right. It's sociable and they can chat to each other. Or they could build their stalls at either end of the beach and it's

It’s all been kicking off in London. On Monday 15th April, protests organised by Extinction Rebellion, an ‘international non-violent rebellion against the world’s governments for criminal inaction on the ecological crisis’ began. The protests have been grabbing the headlines daily: the type of ‘disruption’ marketers usually only dream of.   And when you approach it from a brand perspective rather than a political one, things get even more interesting. Extinction Rebellion have pretty much pulled off a complete rebranding

Let's talk about bravery. You can get awards for bravery. But there's also such a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Bravery in advertising is a much-used term. Brave approaches make your brand stand out, big up sales and win awards. Carlsberg are currently being praised for their brave new approach. They've decided honesty is the best policy about their product. At various points in the campaign they admit they probably weren't the best lager in the

Big news for us today. We nearly choked on the froth from our deconstructed super skinny cold press lattes when we saw it. The Independent - Brighton the most hipster city in the world Brighton, the most hipster place in the world? We went out and got some new knuckle tattoos to celebrate. But guess what? We knew it all along. We were already here. We preferred the early work. Brighton's always had a progressive, diverse and most of