If I was to own a restaurant again I would make sure that I had 'Eat. Drink. Chat.' on the outside and 'Sit. Shit.Wipe.' on the toilet doors. Oh, I ask myself regularly, who are these brands that insist on telling us what they do? Or, sorry, not what they do, but what we should do when we enter their worlds. For example, when I arrive at a rather undelivering ‘boutique’ hotel I now expect them to

At Designate, we often take on work experience students. Last week in the account handling department, we had a college student with us. Now, even though I am in my early 30s… (but sometimes feel like I’m still in my 20s) I felt old… even more so when I thought I’d see if he knew what a floppy disk was, and he looked at me as if I had said something in a different language! However, this

Hi I’m Dylan, I’m 14 and go to Downlands Community School in Hassocks and I have spent a week working here at Designate for my work experience. I have had a great time and done lots of amazing things while I have been here. I have done a range of activities including: Product research, Image gathering, Design, and even Photography! I did product research and image gathering for Ansvar, an insurance company targeted at things like

Whenever Designate launches a new campaign, we’ve aimed at KPIs and focussed those goals on having developed a compelling and differentiating campaign in the market place. And whilst we are confident that it will work, we await the first set of results with bated breath. Both planners and creatives ask often: ‘Any news? Campaign launch results in yet?’ So when those results start flooding in and exceeding even the most ambitious of targets, taking even the

Yes, Designate featured in last night’s episode of The Hotel Inspector. This time stepping out from behind the camera, putting not just our work in the spotlight, but ourselves too. The production team for Channel 5 contacted us about developing brand ideas for The Sheldon Bed & Breakfast, which was to be featured in the show. Not ones to shy away from a challenge we got to work straight away. Filming was quick – no time for

Before Christmas we were put in contact with what was then Rib Club Global as they were looking to partner with an agency to help them expand their membership marketing. Fast forward seven months and we’ve just launched their brand-new website showcasing their new branding. With the client's plans on growth over the next couple of years, what initially started as us helping with their membership marketing, quickly grew into new branding, website, brand and social videos,

You may have heard, but if you haven't it's our 25th anniversary this year. So we held a big old birthday bash to celebrate. You came, you saw, you partied on the pier and it was awesome. Bumper cars, rollercoaster, rides, Goldie Lookin' Chain, photobooths, friends and clients old and new and maybe even a few cocktails along the way too. What a night. Brighton and the pier you did us proud. Even better, the charity auction for the YMCA DownsLink Group, Galvanise Brighton &

Following on from my eyebrow-raising 18-30 blog, here I have been pondering the slow demise of 50-something brand Mothercare, a demise that is slower than expected in my book. I think where 18-30 could have got it right, Mothercare have simply got it wrong and should have made a radical change to the brand over 20 years ago. Or at least started thinking in those terms. On this occasion the name is wrong and the

Thomas Cook has announced that it is going to off load Club 18-30 and focus on cooler brands. Cooler? What could have been cooler than 18-30 if they had dealt with this brand of heritage and memories better? This brand is not just a brand, it is a bloody icon. It’s way beyond cool. Move with the bloody times TC, you need a finger blast. 18-30 could have been adapted to fit with your changing portfolio