How unique is your brand experience really?

We’d like to invite you to join Designate and Optima Connect at the IPA in Belgrave Square at 0900 on May 2nd


Our brand and data experts will host a joint session that will explore the intersection of brand and data in the customer journey, from a commercial perspective.


Using actual case histories and practical examples, we will show how we are using data and applying insight to align brands with customer expectations through:

  • Understanding your customers’ needs and motivations
  • Defining your Brand proposition
  • Communicating with relevance and personalisation in the customer journey
  • Maximising engagement, loyalty and revenue
  • Measurement, feedback & refinement

We will look at the customer journey from two complementary perspectives:


Understanding the Power of Brand

  • Thinking beyond product and price: looking at the market, the competition, the consumer and yourself
  • From Vision to Values, and the all-important Proposition: defining your difference in a highly competitive and largely undifferentiated market landscape
  • Walking the walk: delivering a genuine brand experience


Harnessing the Power of Data

  • Customer engagement and retention: How the growth in preference centres can work for you and your customers
  • Personalisation: Using insights to create more relevant and precise communications
  • Increasing Bookings by increasing knowledge: Using advanced analytics to gain a competitive advantage