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The Brief

Zolv have come up with a bit of tech that will change the way the travel industry does business.

Many holidays are sold over the phone with a customer talking direct to a sales person.  Zolv have created software that allows the sales person to remotely turn the customer’s desktop into a screen where they can drop videos, photos, layouts and other files instantaneously. It brings the offline travel agency experience to the call centre.

But what Zolv didn’t have was a suitable name or brand for the product. Originally, it was called Sales Assist. That was felt to be a bit functional and didn’t show off the product’s potential.

We were to develop both name, brand, look and feel and tone of voice.


The Strategy

We wanted something that would be more than a descriptor, but that would show just what the product can do.

An extra challenge faced was how to boil all this down into a device that would work perfectly both as brand identity AND user interface icon – as easily recognisable at very small screen sizes as any social network iconography.

So Full Picture was born. A new name and brand along with a logo that conveyed the simplicity of the product, demonstrated conversations coming alive and a simple and elegant look that also ticked the user interface box. The product’s benefits being summed up in the succinct strapline ‘Make Your Conversations Come Alive.’