Isle of Wight Eco Campaign



As part of a new Island Tourism Strategy, our brief was to reposition the Isle of Wight and make it appealing to a younger, more aspirational audience without alienating the older, more traditional ‘bucket & spade’ market.​

​We also had some very specific brand response targets to meet: generate 170,000 brochure requests from genuine prospective visitors.



We felt there was an opportunity to tap into the Isle of Wight’s previously unsung green credentials. It’s a great place for local produce, has stunning countryside and coast and is brilliant for kids.​

​We decided to position it as an ‘Eco Island’, a wholesome natural product in its own right.​

​The Island’s fresh air and stunning countryside brought to mind the idea of a wholesome, aspirational product. This inspired us to present it in the language and style of home produced food labelling.​

​The targeted creative ranged from ‘Natural Goodness’, a playground for kids, to ‘Free Range’, a paradise for adrenaline junkies and ‘No Artificial Colouring’ which emphasised the unspoilt.