P&O Ferries


The Brief

P&O Ferries are rightly proud of their heritage and when they had their 175th anniversary, we were briefed to create a celebratory social campaign to help mark the occasion.

The brief tasked us to extend the party to their fans and engage, create conversation, buzz and excitement.

The campaign had to be celebratory, proud and fun – everything a birthday should be.

They also wanted to gain more Likes for their Facebook page by using existing functionality.


The Strategy

As it was their 175th anniversary and we knew everyone loves a surprise celebration, we thought that instead of P&O Ferries getting the surprise it would be great if their customers and fans received the presents instead.

So we devised The Big 175 Surprise – colourful, pop-up celebrations onboard and online.

There were many layers to consider for the celebrations, which became a six-week summer holiday takeover, rewarding customers and fans with random acts of kindness.