Tots To Travel


The Brief

The brand needed reinvigoration, modernisation and repositioning.

We were asked to create a design that showcases family-friendly villas; to resonate with a clearly defined target market of sophisticated, professional mums, particularly with pre-school kids.

The website needed to showcase the extraordinary lengths that only Tots To Travel go to in safeguarding your precious family holiday, whilst making researching and finding the perfect family villa an enjoyable part of the process.


The Strategy

They opted for a design that did more of the latter whilst not losing the essence of all that the brand had achieved so far.

The new identity was designed for the modern parent.

It is inherently social and a mark that is instantly recognisable in a busy digital landscape.

It positions the company with a fashionable and modern twist in a travel sector that all too often gets cluttered with mummy blogger noise.

The strapline ‘Crafting perfect family holidays’ grounds the brand with the values and experiences from which the very idea of the company was originally founded.

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