Trek America


We’ve been working with TrekAmerica to deliver their large summer social campaign. They came to us at the start of the year after beginning conversations with 10 key and influential global vloggers/bloggers to go on a 10 day TrekAmerica Camping trip in the SouthWest USA.

We were briefed to deliver a concept, identity and social campaign which was fun and authentic, around their trip which would give TrekAmerica’s core 18-30s audience something real to identify with. A 2 phased campaign that could work during and after the TrekAmerica vloggers/bloggers trip.

Phase 1: Creating a buzz around the bloggers experiencing their first trek. Documenting and using their experiences to inspire both their existing fans and the TrekAmerica audience.

Phase 2: Using phase one generated content to inspire new customers to book and experience treks themselves as well as encouraging existing customers to share their experiences.



We created an overall campaign and identity: #iTrekHere designed to appeal to their young target audience

It’s a call to action. Using hashtag culture, it’s a stamp, a seal of approval, a real experience. It’s all about creating a real sense of fun and adventure, tapping into the reasons young people travel.

We created an equally fun and engaging campaign site page to support all this content:

It includes an overview of the trek, bios on our famous vloggers/blogger, live updates from their trips plus a simple and engaging competition for people to win their own trek!