The Brief

VocaLink are a global payments company that provide Top Up and Go services for mobile phones via cash machines.

The company operates in a competitive market place, where their cash machine top-up service only represents a small percentage of Pay As You Go top-ups.

Our brief was to create an engaging interactive campaign, to raise awareness and encourage use of mobile phone top-ups at cash machines.


The Strategy

We started by conducting detailed research to inform our strategy. This research led us to focus on an 18-24 year-old target market. We discovered that this group had the lifestyle needs and were prone to sharing content online in a social space.

With this in mind we created an online campaign to make VocaLink’s service memorable: introducing NOMOPHOBIA (the fear of being out of mobile contact).

And what better way to highlight this little-known phobia than with a brand ambassador – Doctor Nomo? A flamboyant and fun character who has his own online surgery that acts as a hub for engaging content, including a series of films, competitions and UGC galleries.

To amplify the campaign and reach out to the core demographic, we focused media investment on The Student Room, the UK’s largest student community.