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Daniel Fagg

Creative Director

E-mail: daniel.fagg@designate.com
I’ve come a long way since I started. From copywriter to CD. From Soho down to Brighton, I think I’ve seen it all. I love the challenges, I love the changes and I love the successes we’ve had along the way. It’s great when you keep moving and evolving.
And I’m proud to head up the Creative Department here, it’s packed with brilliant people who inspire me and each other to do great things every day. Growing brands, partnering with fantastic clients, getting results, winning awards and delivering some awesome creative work too.
But most of all it’s still fun, still challenging and still changing. And we’re doing it in Brighton, which is bloody great place to be.



Director | Client Services

Creative Director

What our clients say

"Designate re-shaped our brand, absolutely understand what we’re about and what we’re trying to achieve as a business, and we see them as an important extension to our own team."

Jane Perkins, Marketing Manager, Ansvar

“Designate always push us to think outside of the box. Plus their creative ideas are always married with a strong business target and focus."

Polly Ashman, Communications Manager, Mark Warner

“Designate really get the Kuoni brand. There's a strong blend of strategic thinking and creative and they are as protective of our brand as we are."

Dean Harvey, Marketing Director, Kuoni

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